Woman’s Water, Man’s Fire Retreat

Woman’s Water Man’s Fire  Retreat! 


Couples Retreat 

Take your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary!

Dual Cultivation

Spend a week in paradise! 7 days Relationship intensive

Will include a focus on nurturing, handling stress, detox, pain management, improving circulation

nutrition, superfoods, Awakening Internal Energy, Microcosmic Orbit Inner Smile, Chi Gong, how to channel your sexual energy in and up instead of down and out.

Attendees are encouraged to read the book: Woman’s Water, Man’s Fire: The Metaphysics of Love, Sex and Relationship by Anusha Amen-Ra

  • How to Advance your relationship by
  • learning to channel your sexual energy in and up instead of down and out.
  • How to have a goal, a plan and grow your relationship
  • Understanding the electromagnetic Feild of Attraction and how to increase it
  • Understanding what energy is being blocked that stops your relationship from flowing.
  • Develop your plan to experience yourself as ONE!
  • Maximum of 5-10 couples allowed on each Retreat

Singles Retreat

Solo Cultivation

One must learn solo cultivation before dual cultivation

This Retreat will prepare you for taking any relationship to the next level.

Establishing a goal, a plan and a means to grow your relationship even if you are single.