Sacred Space Holistic Rehab Retreat

Residential Treatment for one to three months.

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Page-1. The Holistic Rehab Retreat supports and inspires our guests to achieve and to maintain sobriety through the use of evidence-based methods and integrative health services. Moving beyond traditional limitations, we treat the whole person by considering their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs. Our Program helps build a strong foundation of self-esteem, self-responsibility, and self-love. Our guests are treated with unconditional positive regard and given personalized treatment plans, along with plenty of attention due to our extraordinary staff to client ratio. Each individual begins recovery with a diverse and unique set of challenges: Personal background, character structure, emotional makeup, substance abuse history, and family relationships. Because of this, we create addiction treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to each guest’s specific needs. Rather than seeing you as a wounded, weak person, we empower you to access your core strength, and wholeness so that you can become your very best self.

As an Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center, our program is both educationally-based and clinically-focused. Our Rehab Team treats the whole person, with a blend of time-proven methods and holistic modalities. We value compassion, acceptance and heart connection as we witness our guests moving from dependency to freedom, from despair to hope, from low self-worth to higher self-esteem. This program is ideal for adult men and women seeking a personalized, full-spectrum treatment plan with all the quality and benefits of a private retreat. With confidence and dedication to excellence, we offer more professional one-on-one support for our guests than nearly every other treatment center.

Sacred Space Retreats is specifically suited for: • Individuals seeking either a 12 step or non-12-step approach founded on integrative health principles and holistic practices. • Those struggling with recent or frequent relapse. • Those who want to restore their health through optimum nutrition and exercise. • Those who have tried traditional rehab settings without success. • Those with Dual Diagnosis who are searching for solutions. • Individuals who want to focus on body-mind-spirit alignment. We welcome adults of all ages, walks of life, belief systems, and substance abuse histories. The Sacred Space Retreats Rehab team empowers clients to take responsible control of their impulses, choices, and actions. Using evidence-based methods with proven effectiveness, our blend of traditional and holistic approaches supports clients from detox and early sobriety through aftercare planning.

Creating success in substance abuse recovery requires re-educating the brain’s neuro-pathways, practicing mindfulness, initiating positive self-talk and nourishing the body. It is essential that all four levels are included and addressed. At Sacred Space we do not label anyone as an “addict” or “alcoholic”. We believe that there are root causes underneath each person’s substance abuse. It might be trauma or pain management; it could be emotionally-based or biological in its origin. Usually it is a combination of all of these factors. If you get to the root cause of your issues, and learn new coping mechanisms–you can overcome chemical dependency and regain your health. Life can become fresh and new again. If however, you label yourself as an “alcoholic” or “addict”, then your behavior will never be more than that. Your identity is what we will ask you to re-evaluate, when you are here. Developing a positive self -image is an essential part of to your success. You will learn how to create new neuro-pathways based on self-worth which dis-able destructive habits. Through mindfulness and embodiment practices, you can go beyond mere abstinence. It is possible for you to regain your total health and enjoy sober living. Cultivating effective daily practices with our help, will fortify your ability to transition from dysfunctional habits to living a constructive life. We believe that you can live every day in deep connection to who you naturally are.

1. Detoxification – During the withdrawal phase, a Medical Doctor or holistic detox specialist is available to supervise your medication and/or supplements. Your comfort and ease is our priority. You will receive quality care from trained professionals who closely observe and monitor you until detox is complete. We treat you with gentleness, empathy and compassion throughout the entire process. 2. Physical Renewal – This is a time for initiating physical activities that generate more oxygenation, cellular metabolism, and restorative healing. We use progressive methods that allow you to regain strength, flexibility, and vitality gradually. 3. Mental/Emotional Reset – This focuses on up-leveling your mental set-point of self-worth, self-esteem, and ability to manage emotions. Every one of our therapeutic services, classes and groups incorporates keys that address this essential reset process. 4. Serene Sober Living – Is all about learning and practicing tools for living life as a clean and sober, healthy person. Solutions and strategies are incorporated into your tool chest so that you can handle high-risk situations effectively. 5. Living in Recovery – We partner with you to co-create an Aftercare Plan that ensures your successful sobriety after graduation. By the time you leave Sacred Space, your plan will be practical, useful and supportive. We are committed to equipping you with tools, resources and vital connections that give you confidence and long-term security.