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Insurance For Holistic Addiction Rehab

It is our goal to make sure that your recovery process gets all of your attention and energy. Therefore, we will work together with you to ease the financial cost of attending Sacred Space Retreats. Once we receive some basic information about your insurance provider, we will do our best to verify the benefits for treatment coverage within one day. After you are admitted, we will update your insurance company with status reviews for your continued treatment. It is our job to deal with all the steps of billing your insurance so that you can give priority to your recovery process.

Feel free to call one of our Retreat Hosts who will take down your confidential information and get back to you quickly.  To make it easy, we will explain your benefits and whether you have a deductible, or out-of-pocket costs that must be met.

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Are you looking for help in dealing with a drug, alcohol or prescription medication problem?

In our society today the masses are reaching for antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, opiates, tranquilizers, alcohol and other narcotic substances to cope with life’s challenges. The problem is that they are not sustainable. While they may have helped you out at a difficult time in your life, you may now be ready to go beyond those temporary fixes and learn how to live a whole-hearted, healthy life. Dealing with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in a Holistic way is the only approach that has long-lasting success. Sacred Space Retreats is a Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Center dedicated to your total health and wholeness. It is an honor to help you achieve successful sobriety so that you can live a life of meaning and ease. We welcome you to our family-style residence located in beautiful Cloverdale, California just 90 minutes north of San Francisco. We empower our guests to regain conscious control of their choices, to re-pattern their brain pleasure pathways and to restore their bodies to optimum health.