Health Notes

Heart Disease and Holistic Health

by Anusha Amen-Ra

The number one killer in the U.S. is Heart Disease. Everything from Heart Attacks to Strokes to Diabetes are all cardiovascular issues that must be considered in any preventative or Holistic Health program.

Research has found that people who fasted regularly had an 58 percent lower risk of coronary disease, compared with those who said they didn’t fast, according to a report presented at the American College of Cardiology conference in New Orleans this week.

This is great news for the many people that have found the benefits of fasting and for those contemplating if would be good for them.

Gods Operating Table

When you fast, you literally put yourself on Gods operating table. Your body now focuses on some necessary housekeeping that may have been building up over the years. When all else has failed, fasting may be the thing to bring you back from the brink of death. The challenge most people have, of course, is that fasting can be hard to do when you are stuck in a routine of eating every day and every meal.

This is why we suggest coming to a place like Sacred Space Retreats in Cloverdale, California to a Fasting Retreat in an environment that is close to nature. In addition to getting the excellent benefits of fasting, you also get the benefit of being in Nature. Nature is a natural detoxifier. When you are toxic and you go into nature, you find yourself feeling better almost immediately. The city is an extremely artificial place. Because of that, we may have been put into a cycle of protracted stress. When one leaves the city, the body and mind automatically start to relax, and they continue to relax more as you go deeper into nature. Going to a place like Sacred Space Retreats gives you a chance to connect with nature while still enjoying of the amenities of home, like a hot shower and a comfortable bed. Of course going to Sacred Space Retreats also provides you with some state of the art tools to help you not just fast, but to look at fasting as part of a bigger plan for how you are going to achieve your health goals.

People normally ask how much or how long should I fast? Most people who have never fasted before could benefit from a three day initial fast. And if that is too much for you, then build up to it. Start off with a one day fast, then a week later do a two day fast and then a three day fast.
When you fast you will feel your biggest challenge on the first few days. The first day is usually the worst.

I remember that when I first was introduced to fasting and to the health it can help me obtain. One of the first books I was introduced to was by Arnold Ehret, called “The Mucusless Diet Healing System.” In addition to that book, he also wrote “Rational Fasting.” Both of these books are good to have with you as great references. One of the main things Professor Ehret gives you is a strong passion for life, and getting to the core of the benefits of achieving health. So if you are going to fast, you should definitely have one or all of his books handy. Just the way that he talks alone will be enough to pull you through any difficult time.

Your Body has Three Processes

In understanding your body and the food you eat, you should understand that your body has three processes. It digests food, and then assimilates that food, and then your body expels the waste. Your body doesn’t do all three things at the same time. In fact, it principally does one thing at a time. You don’t eat food while going to the bathroom. So what is important to know is that when you stop eating all together, your body then switches itself from the digestion and assimilation phase to the expelling phase. When you are in the expelling phase, it causes you to feel uncomfortable, depending on the rate at which your body is releasing toxins. This feeling of discomfort is not caused because you are “hungry.” It’s caused because your body is in the detoxification phase and in the elimination or expelling phase. To eat anything at this time would cause your body to switch from expelling to digestion.

A successful Fast is based on a Good Plan

To understand this action in the body and apply it to what you are experiencing when you are fasting is important. It comes about from years of experience with fasting. This is why it’s good to go somewhere like Sacred Space Retreats in Cloverdale, California who has that experience. They can help see and understand what your body is going through and then help you in formulating a “plan” for how you are going to create success from your efforts.

Another good reason to go to Sacred Space Retreats for a Fasting Retreat is becuase you can obtain a good Health Assessment before you start your fast. A good plan is based on a good assessment. A good Assessment is essential to helping you formulate a good plan. And a good plan is what you will need in order to create more success. A fast is not a plan, although a fast can be a part of a plan. A good assessment would include a full understanding of a persons medical background, the food they eat and the symptoms they have been experiencing. It could also include pH testing of urine and saliva. Looking at the blood through a Darkflied Microscope is sure to help you understand better how compromised your immune system is and what is clogging your cardio vascular system. In looking at how your blood appears prior to starting a fast, you will then be able to document that and compare it later on, say in 3 months time. Now you are really maximizing your fast so that you can tell its relative effect on you as represented by the health (or lack thereof) of your blood stream.

Stopping hunger pains or cleansing reactions

When you do start to fast, if you start to feel yourself getting “hungry” it’s not really because you are “hungry.” It’s that your body is in an expelling mode and so it feels uncomfortable. If you put anything in your mouth or you ride out the discomfort you will then feel fine. It’s only a temporary thing because your body is always going through cycles throughout the day.

Your Body is Self-Healing

Fasting improves your cardiovascular system because your body works on getting out of itself the stuff it doesn’t want in it. Like going to the bathroom in the morning, your body is always working on healing you. Fasting is Gods operating table. One thing you can do is take some systemic enzymes to enhance your fast. Systemic enzymes are like draino for your cardiovascular system. They will go in there and really munch things up that you don’t want in there. They digest exogenous proteins, proteins that are not a part of you. Proteins that may in fact be acidifying your body. Or proteins that may be the membrains on parasitic organisms within you. That will help your body restore its acid/alkaline balance, which is so important for your tube system.

Your Body is a Tube System with Filters

Your body is basically a tube system with filters. That tube system gets built up with waste much like the common drain in the house. If you took everything you eat and put it in a big blender and blended it up, then took that and poured it down your drain, it would show everything you eat, like breads and meats, fats, oils, starches, fruits, everything. You can see that just by its sticky nature it’s going to build up on the side walls of the pipes. This is what is going on in the body. What builds up along the walls is fat and acids. Together that creates plaque. It’s this plaque that then creates blockages. So by cleaning this tube system through a system of periodic fasts, blood pressure is lowered and the cardiovascular system is improved.

You can see the plaque covering your pancreas Islets of Langerhans, so that now you are not able to release the right amount of insulin to the plaque buildup in the brain, and this can cause Alzheimer’s. That build up creating Alzheimer’s also is evidenced in the arteries supplying the brain with nutrition. When they become clogged you don’t get the right nutrition to your brain, and this precedes Alzheimer’s as well.

Your Body is like a car

Another way of looking at it is to say that your body is like a car. A car is a tube system with filters as well. Clean out the filters and tubes and the car/ body works more effectively and efficiently.

Your Body is a Self-Healing Miracle

Your body is a self-healing miracle. Put your body on Gods operating table and with faith that God has a way for you to be healed. That’s when amazing things can happen.