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Hi Sacred Space-
WOW! What a difference since I left SS. My mental clarity is excellent, I am so calm and relaxed in every situation and daily tasks are
done with ease, almost effortlessly. I am also able to "mostly" fill my thoughts with the present moment, all day and even my dreams are
again wild and exciting.
The first time I stayed with you was a huge pivot-point in my life but this time I was able to cultivate new ideas or, notions and
expand greatly! I really can't put it into words...
I really feel compelled to do work in your field. I have some ideas but I want to get involved to educate myself. I also, might want a
tuneup with you at the end of summer.
...hope everything is going well in paradise HAHA that sounded funny. feel free to give out my email to anyone and everyone, I would
love to hear from my old roomies too..........
- Ken
submitted: June, 24th, 2012
Dear Ken
Ha ha, things can ONLY go well in paradise!
Thank you for your testimonial. Watching the light bulbs go off in your head was really great. Seeing you continually grow and evolve is really what we live for.
Keep up the good works my friend. Your path is destined to bring you to the ever unfolding conciousness that there are no accidents and that everything happens for a reason. Lets keep the conversation going. Love. Anusha

Please forgive me for taking so long to write. Seems like I was there yesterday but at the same time along time ago. Life here is extremely hectic. I am trying to pace myself (of which I am moderately successful). I certainly appreciate all you taught me and your support. I have learned so much and am trying to apply to my life at home (again with moderate success). I want to come back. I am working toward some goals to improve my emotional, spiritual, and physical life. Kinda like three steps forward and two back.
I can say my headaches are gone, my stomach is a 1000 fold better, I haven't had heartburn, all my joints have less pain, my energy is better most days, depression is improved, anxiety better. I have found when I deviate from your suggestions my pain increases, my stomach hurts, and my joints hurt.
I have shared my wonderful experience with so many colleagues and friends. All are very interested and impressed. You may be getting some calls. Do you ever allow visitors for weekends?.......
Hi H.K.
Thank you so much for letter. I can't think of anyone I would rather hear from right now. Sometimes , you may not realize how much your kindness, love and gratitude really affects others. It certainly has its effect on us. We think and reference you often. Especially when someone comes in who could use just a little bit of your wisdom and experience. Even now although you have still work to do, you are influencing many around you. There is nothing we appreciate more then meeting all the wonderful people like you who come here.
Just know my friend, that there will always be setbacks, and obstacles to our path. And knowing that we will not let them stop us from
accomplishing our goal. Patience and determination I say are the two most important ingredients to our success.
It doesn't matter how long you take, just keep going in the right direction and sooner or later you are guaranteed to get there.
Much love to you our dear friend and Sister. We have your room waiting. We are only a phone call away.
In Service, Anusha

From Addiction to Joy

I resided at "Sacred Space Retreats" with Anusha a couple of years ago and I still think about my stay there. Anusha helped me to
meditate and I loved it! My meditating is getting stronger everyday. While I was there I read a lot of books from Anusha's library.
Between the reading and the meditating I became very relaxed and I felt peace for the first time in my adult life (I'm now 51).
I am now a semi-retired business man. Before staying with Anusha I was an alcoholic, workaholic, tobacco smoking fiend with a bad diet.
Now, rid of my old trends I can really enjoy life. I can enjoy reality for what it really is ... love, happiness, joy and peace.
I am amazed at my mental and physical state now and I love my new path. Part of me wants to say, I wish I would have found Anusha's
Sacred Retreat sooner but I realize that I probably wasn't ready yet.
- Ken "everything happens for a reason...
Ken, thanks so much for continuing to grow and to evolve. You are that shining example of what happens when a person takes responsiblity for their health and happiness. Keep your light shining brightly, Anusha

n Gratitude
Sacred Space Retreats offered me the chance to detox and heal; and I took full advantage. I’m a 48 year old man. For reasons too lengthy to explain, I found myself in mid-life turmoil beyond comprehension. My daily intake of ‘coping’ drugs, that were doctor prescribed, would probably have killed an elephant. These drugs were not abused, but I was dependant on the following: anti-anxiety meds, anti-depression meds, nerve deadening meds, opiate and morphine based pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxants and ADD/narcoleptic meds. Additionally “prescribed” were Advil and aspirin – as tolerated.
Add to the above cocktail my sugar dependency, 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day plus smoking; you might guess I was a bit ‘mixed up’. Yes, I was. No alcohol though.
In 3 days of eating the recommended diet of Sacred Spaces, I was DONE with the caffeine, sugar, cigarettes and all prescribed medications (except for the anti-depressants/anxiety meds) within the first 3 days. After 2 weeks, I was DONE with the anti-depressants/anxiety meds. Yes, in 2 weeks I was completely clean of everything – all of it. Amazing what the proper diet, exercise, environment and a loving support group can do for a soul. This place literally saved my life.
Beyond the physical dependencies that were subdued in 2 weeks were the emotional and physical pain, turmoil and challenges that seemed insurmountable. Good news, I learned through Sacred Spaces that nothing is “insurmountable”.
My favorite aspect of this life changing experience was the manner in which the “answers” were offered up to me. They came to me as “suggestions”. The choice was always mine whether I wanted to follow their suggestions or not. I wasn’t perfect, but I did my best to follow the suggested activities. The philosophy that guides Sacred Spaces gave me the support needed to heal, detox and get right with my universe. However, as the days went by it became clear to me that the actions I was taking were ‘my choice’. This is a “self help” atmosphere. No baby sitting. Sacred Spaces simply provided love, support, nutrition, education, physical exercise suggestions, massage, acupuncture, sauna, hot baths, breath work, philosophy, serenity, meditation, logic and guidance to help me find my way.
Upon arriving I was surprised at the relaxed atmosphere and intimacy of the facility/home. As time went by, I was even more surprised at the professionalism and knowledge of my mentors, the staff. They are experts in many fields, including health and nutrition.
This testimonial could go on and on. But I’m going to end it here by saying this experience was way beyond my expectations – partially because I didn’t have any. If you go to this Sacred Space with an open mind and the desire to improve your life, your life will transform back to your natural state of being; which is healthy, peaceful and joyful.
Knowing what I know now about Sacred Spaces; if I’m ever faced with dir circumstances like I had last summer, I would not hesitate to ‘sell my farm’ to come here and save my own life.
Sacred Spaces will Love you Well if you let them.

In gratitude,
Ken P.
Submitted 11/24/10
Ken. I only wish all our guests were as ready and capable as you. You were mature enough and receptive enough to come here with an open mind and ready to learn. It was our pleasure and reward to see you transform your life.

Can a marriage be saved?
Thank you Anusha for all your help. Please tell Donya she is a true delight and I loved her motherly wisdom.
If we save this marriage it will be because of Sacred Space.
Submitted 7/25/10
Hey M. Thank you for having the courage to try something different. What a beautiful flower of love you are. Good luck to you and your husband. Your marrage is a great investment and is worth your efforts. As we learned love can only be found in this present moment. As you drop the pain of the past you both can live more fully present each day. And that is where the peace, the love and the happiness is. And how wonderful is that? Peace to you my dear friend. A.

This place is amazing! It saved Rocky's life!
Sacred Space Retreats has totally changed Raquelle's life. We would highly recommend it
Submitted 6/25/10
Thanks so much for your referral. It was great having your daughter here. She is very talented
as you know and now that she has recovered her health she will become a true asset to your family and community.

Son Refers Mom after treatment
NB: Thank you for looking after my mama I'm really very excited for her ... :)
peace and prosperity to you and all you hold close !
A: Hey NB How are you my friend? I am quite happy to help your mother
but I haven't made the connection of who she is with you.
What's her name? Has she came here already or is she planning to come?
NB: oh she probably hasn't mentioned that I am her son (and referral source) yet ,in her emails to you...
she's planning to be there soon (over the holidays) she's excited too...
NB: Let my faith in your services be a public testimony..
Submitted : 11/17/09
A: Couldn't resist putting your comments on the site NB. Your love knows no boundaries. A.

Good Morning Dearest Anusha,
i think about you every morning when i'm about to start my meditation.
i surely miss our time together, and our good conversations.
i'm still calm and collected amidst all the craziness here. i have no
problems keeping my diet and i feel better every day. i discovered
some yummy green leaves at our farmer's market that are delicious in
salads: pea's leaves and bak choy. there are also delicious in shakes,
especially pea's leave since they are sweet. my husband is eating all
my flax seed crackers, i can't make enough :) he eats chocolate in
front of me and i don't even feel any craving. coming to your retreat
is the best thing i did for myself, and i can't thank you enough.
i've noticed that my sun gazing is increasing the energy flow of my
hands and that's cool.
please send my regards to AN if he's still there.
i surely miss Donya's love... please give her a big hug for me.
In joy, SH
Submitted: 11/5/09
Hey SH. Its so good to hear you creating a new and healthy life for yourself.

Peace and Love to you, my dear friend, A.

A mothers cry for help for her 22 year old son are answered
Hello Anusha: I wanted to call you Sunday night because I was amazed
with Erik's response. He was so thankful, and in awww! My husband
and I are so grateful to you and your staff. Erik and I use to talk
all the time and we were great pals!! My husband would often comment
on how he wished he had the relationship and conversations Erik and I
had. And then there came a day when things got so complicated. That
Erik seemed to hate me. Now talking to him I'm eternally thankful for
what you have accomplished with Erik in such a short time. I think I
have my best friend back.
There was no rationalizing with him what so ever. He was impossible
to live with and when I looked at him at times I saw pain in his
face. His eyes often were on the burst of releasing a river of
tears. He was so angry full of rage. He was so mean and ruthless with
his younger siblings. And I always knew he was hurting so much but i
couldn't help and lost my patience therefore became helpless and
fearful and resorted to lashing out as well. We lived in such a
miserable relationship I couldn't handle it. And now I rejoice and am
eager to see Erik become and evolve in his new state of mind and his
powerful healthy body.
My husband and I are also working on our stressors and are eating
better. Thanks a million from a mother who is
now sleeping better and feeling better day by day. Maybe we can talk
over the phone so I can hear more of Eriks great daily results.
Submitted 9/13/09