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Hi Anusha

I want to say how much you've changed my life.  I am healing and doing so much better and I have you and your Retreat to thank for that.  I reference your retreat often as the turning point in my life. 

Thank you so much.  I am forever grateful for you and what you've help me accomplish.  



M.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  You deserve all the credit. Your desire for a healthy life despite the challenges have left us all inspired to do more.  Love you.  

Sacred Space gives me all the warm fuzzies…even when it's chilly and raining for 3 days straight. I came to Sacred Space in desperate need of mental detox so I could face my triggers and begin not only to recover but to truly live. What I found at Sacred Space - and what was crucial to my success but also posed the greatest challenge for me - was time and space to simply be.

I also came knowing full well - thanks to sooooo many previous failed attempts - that I had work to do: it wasn't someone else's responsibility. I would need to be the one to gain my freedom…I had to do this work…I had to produce this effort…I HAD TO! But I needed the time and space to be with myself, to receive both encouragement and insight, physical and mental nourishment and (most important to me) to simply be…to live with myself with minimal distraction and simply be. I could truly rest, I could sleep, I could stare off into the lush green grass and wildflowers surrounding the house, I could sit out front and just basque in the sun, I could take a long walk to Yorty Creek and simply be with myself. Meditating on the lessons learned from the morning's group session, I gave my body nourishment in nature through gentle exercise. Only to return into the Sacred Space's warm, nurturing environment and into the care and generosity of its incredible staff.

And the food? OMG…I never knew eating to live could be so damn tasty! My whole impression of veganism has been changed. Given my "American south" roots, you know that's saying something.

Thank you Anusha & Donya…thank you from the bottom of my bougie little heart. You have greatly helped my personal and physical restoration which was no small feat. Providing the environment where all the fluff, bs, and distractions could be stripped away and I could exist…purely exist in myself and the beauty of simplicity was such a blessing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.




I spent 3 weeks at the Sacred Space Retreat center in Cloverdale in January 2016 and found it to be incredibly refreshing! I had known Anusha for many years, but had no idea of the depth of knowledge he had gained over the years in his journey to healthy eating and self-mastery. His experience in both of these areas was not only enlightening, but transformational for me.

Despite the fact that the business had recently moved after having their previous space burned down in the fires, they were up and running in no time, and didn't miss a beat with their service. It was quite apparent that Anusha had been practicing the philosophies he shares with his guests for many years. And the self-teaching approach was unique, and inspirational. The staff was wonderful too. Donya had much to share, not only in her yoga and breathing practices, but also with her spirituality. She and Anusha compliment each other well, and the many talks we had during my stay helped me through a difficult, transitional time.

The food was also surprisingly good! I say surprisingly as a non-Vegan who gladly ate Vegan for the entire 3 weeks, deliciously prepared by a professional cook. That experience gave me a whole new perspective on how I eat. I did not stay Vegan after returning, but I do eat much healthier now, starting with my green drink every morning! I love it! A nice by-product was that I also lost about 15 pounds while I was there, yet was never hungry!

In the end, you take out of this experience what you put into it. If your attitude is right, and you are there to learn and grow, then Anusha and his team provide you with all the tools to do so. I would recommend Sacred Space to anyone looking to find a peaceful, loving environment in which to improve their lifestyle and their personal spirituality. Thank you Anusha and Donya!

Phil S. 

How do I put into words the amazing experience I had at Sacred Space? I could talk about the incredible, peaceful ambiance, the compassionate, kind, caring, knowledgeable and supportive staff, or the healthy lifestyle that one is immersed in at every moment. Or do I talk about the emphasis on giving you the tools to create a healthy lifestyle of your choosing?
Let me not forget the detailed health analysis and blood analysis done by Anusha - I learned so much about my health and chronic pain situation that I was not aware of.

Some of the things that were most important to me were the morning meditation, the incredibly delicious vegan meals that were prepared by an incredible chef and the martial arts and yoga. I also treasured the book time every day where we read chapters together and discussed, in depth, the content of the books. For me, communing with nature was one of my most important tools for staying in a relaxed state of peace. And let me not forget the morning green smoothie loaded with nutrients. Most importantly, I was living in a community that shared many of my values, was not judgmental and whose goal was peace and unity.

For me, I knew this was where I wanted to go to get off a medication with a very long and difficult withdrawal process. It gave me hope when I looked at Sacred Space's website and realized that it was a program that would help me deal with my issues without the use of more drugs. Having spent two months at Sacred Space, I can speak to the compassionate care that I received during a very difficult time.

I have gone through an in-depth, life changing experience at the age of 67 - it's never too late. I feel equipped with new tools that will help me create peace and love in my life. Many thanks fo Anusha, Donya, Amy and Christine for their tender care and loving kindness.

Kathleen W. 8/06/15 

Hi Sacred Space-
WOW! What a difference since I left SS. My mental clarity is excellent, I am so calm and relaxed in every situation and daily tasks are done with ease, almost effortlessly. I am also able to "mostly" fill my thoughts with the present moment, all day and even my dreams are again wild and exciting.
The first time I stayed with you was a huge pivot-point in my life but this time I was able to cultivate new ideas or, notions and expand greatly! I really can't put it into words…
I really feel compelled to do work in your field. I have some ideas but I want to get involved to educate myself. I also, might want a tuneup with you at the end of summer.
…hope everything is going well in paradise HAHA that sounded funny. feel free to give out my email to anyone and everyone, I would love to hear from my old roomies too……….
- Ken
submitted: June, 24th, 2012
Dear Ken
Ha ha, things can ONLY go well in paradise!
Thank you for your testimonial. Watching the light bulbs go off in your head was really great. Seeing you continually grow and evolve is really what we live for.
Keep up the good works my friend. Your path is destined to bring you to the ever unfolding conciousness that there are no accidents and that everything happens for a reason. Lets keep the conversation going. Love. Anusha

In Gratitude

Sacred Space Retreats offered me the chance to detox and heal; and I took full advantage. I?m a 48 year old man. For reasons too lengthy to explain, I found myself in mid-life turmoil beyond comprehension. My daily intake of ?coping? drugs, that were doctor prescribed, would probably have killed an elephant. These drugs were not abused, but I was dependant on the following: anti-anxiety meds, anti-depression meds, nerve deadening meds, opiate and morphine based pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxants and ADD/narcoleptic meds. Additionally ?prescribed? were Advil and aspirin ? as tolerated.
Add to the above cocktail my sugar dependency, 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day plus smoking; you might guess I was a bit ?mixed up?. Yes, I was. No alcohol though.

In 3 days of eating the recommended diet of Sacred Spaces, I was DONE with the caffeine, sugar, cigarettes and all prescribed medications (except for the anti-depressants/anxiety meds) within the first 3 days. After 2 months, I was DONE with the anti-depressants/anxiety meds. Yes, in 2 months I was completely clean of everything ? all of it. Amazing what the proper diet, exercise, environment and a loving support group can do for a soul. This place literally saved my life.

Beyond the physical dependencies that were subdued in 2 weeks were the emotional and physical pain, turmoil and challenges that seemed insurmountable. Good news, I learned through Sacred Spaces that nothing is ?insurmountable?.

My favorite aspect of this life changing experience was the manner in which the ?answers? were offered up to me. They came to me as ?suggestions?. The choice was always mine whether I wanted to follow their suggestions or not. I wasn?t perfect, but I did my best to follow the suggested activities. The philosophy that guides Sacred Spaces gave me the support needed to heal, detox and get right with my universe. However, as the days went by it became clear to me that the actions I was taking were ?my choice?. This is a ?self help? atmosphere. No baby sitting. Sacred Spaces simply provided love, support, nutrition, education, physical exercise suggestions, massage, acupuncture, sauna, hot baths, breath work, philosophy, serenity, meditation, logic and guidance to help me find my way.

Upon arriving I was surprised at the relaxed atmosphere and intimacy of the facility/home. As time went by, I was even more surprised at the professionalism and knowledge of my mentors, the staff. They are experts in many fields, including health and nutrition.
This testimonial could go on and on. But I?m going to end it here by saying this experience was way beyond my expectations ? partially because I didn?t have any. If you go to this Sacred Space with an open mind and the desire to improve your life, your life will transform back to your natural state of being; which is healthy, peaceful and joyful.
Knowing what I know now about Sacred Spaces; if I?m ever faced with dire circumstances like I had last summer, I would not hesitate to ?sell my farm? to come here and save my own life.
Sacred Spaces will Love you Well if you let them.

In gratitude, Ken P.

Submitted 11/24/10
Ken. I only wish all our guests were as ready and capable as you. You were mature enough and receptive enough to come here with an open mind and ready to learn. It was our pleasure and reward to see you transform your life.

A Day in the Life of Sacred Space
Though hesitant to start my day, I pulled myself from sleep?s embrace.
I struggled with my mind?s dismay at what I saw upon my face.
I saw a spotted tail of woe, the toxins breaking through my skin.
I felt a chill within my soul, and knew more pain still lurks within.
But dwelling on this sad display was not the path I chose today.
Instead I cast those thoughts away and went upstairs without delay.
I made a drink of greenish hue, and starting thinking of Kung Fu.
These two things I will have to do when back at Stoner Avenue.
We warmed up both our arms and legs. Anusha taught us how to punch.
We kicked, and spun, and practiced moves, then drove back home and had some lunch.
The girls decided on a hike, so I ran downstairs to grab my shoes.
We started trekking through the woods debating on which path to choose.
We took in every wondrous sight while breathing in the warm fresh air.
It?s hard to think that earlier my day had started with despair.
We knew that it was getting late and that our hike would have to end.
And sure enough there was a gate to halt our march around the bend.
We headed home, sun kissed and beat, and all I wanted was some rest.
I showered quick and threw on my robe, but as soon as I had gotten dressed,
I realized I had a date to meet Ashanna at her place.
I guess my rest would have to wait. So off to breath work then I raced.
The session started with great ease. I had many things I thought to share.
I spoke of all my epiphanies while sitting on her little chair.
Though happiness has filled my days, I wondered if I?d shed a tear,
While looking in and going deep to face my every mortal fear.
And sure enough the sobbing came when thinking of my former life.
I cried in remorse and in shame of mistakes I?d made that had led to strife.
Ashanna touched my face with love, and helped me to release my pain.
And now I know my heart at last and my life will never be the same.
I said goodbye, and drove away, so thankful for the time we shared.
I made it back to Sacred Space, where raw burritos had been prepared!
The magic that Natasha weaves with cutlery, spices and soul
Tickle my taste buds every meal, and make me take a second bowl.

Eighty four years young!

I was fortunate enough to know a beautiful angel who's name is Donya ( Sacred Space Retreat Coordinator) who realized I needed help and brought me to Sacred Space. At this time I was having hallucinations and loss of balance and it was obvious I needed help. Twelve years ago I had a heart attack and bypass surgery. I have had high blood pressure for many years as well. The doctors had me on many different drugs that was causing me hallucinations and loss of balance.
When I came to Sacred Space they showed me how my diet had helped to create my problems. They also showed me how the medications the doctors were giving me was actually causing my hallucinations and loss of balance. Now I have gotten a new lease on life. My balance has returned and I don't have hallucinations. I am regaining my strength and energy back. I am going to tell others of my family about this place because it has really saved my life so that I can enjoy my remaining years in a healthy way.
Thank you Donya and Anusha for your help.
Submitted: 11/15/08
Kurt: You are in fact the oldest person to come to our place. We were blessed by you coming here and sharing your many stories and experiences. The plight of our elderly is little understood when it comes to doctors , and medications. Remember: Drugs don't heal, they only manipulate your symptoms. Your body is perfect. All you needed was love, nutritious foods and to clear your body of toxins. God and your body does the rest. Your example has blazed a trail for others to follow. God speed to you my kind gentleman friend.

Hello Anusha: I wanted to call you Sunday night because I was amazed
with Erik's response. He was so thankful, and in awww! My husband
and I are so grateful to you and your staff. Erik and I use to talk
all the time and we were great pals!! My husband would often comment
on how he wished he had the relationship and conversations Erik and I
had. And then there came a day when things got so complicated. That
Erik seemed to hate me. Now talking to him I'm eternally thankful for
what you have accomplished with Erik in such a short time. I think I
have my best friend back.
There was no rationalizing with him what so ever. He was impossible
to live with and when I looked at him at times I saw pain in his
face. His eyes often were on the burst of releasing a river of
tears. He was so angry full of rage. He was so mean and ruthless with
his younger siblings. And I always knew he was hurting so much but i
couldn't help and lost my patience therefore became helpless and
fearful and resorted to lashing out as well. We lived in such a
miserable relationship I couldn't handle it. And now I rejoice and am
eager to see Erik become and evolve in his new state of mind and his
powerful healthy body.
My husband and I are also working on our stressors and are eating
better. Thanks a million from a mother who is
now sleeping better and feeling better day by day. Maybe we can talk
over the phone so I can hear more of Eriks great daily results.
Submitted 9/13/09
Hi N F.
I must say that I am enjoying having Erik here as much as he is in being
here. I wish more of my clients were like him. It starts with a good
attitude. Erik is open and ready to learn. And I just love that. I know
that his relationship with you was strained but someone once told me that
the good they saw in me had to be related to the quality of my parents and
the love they gave me. I think that is what he is showing–It's the love.

An Amazing Impact

I just want to write to you to tell you what an amazing impact Sacred Space have made on my life.
The month I spent at Sacred Space, January, 2008, was truly the most relaxing, life changing and educational of my life.Suffering through chemical and alcohol dependence, along with a marital affair, I truly felt "Re-Awakened" to a new future and goal opriented life.Speaking of which, after reading Eckhart Tolle and "A New Earth" which was 'the first book' you recommended I read, I was able to put that knowledge and concept to use in many areas of my life. Consequentially Opera Winfrey started her international webcast of the book on March 9th.Since then it has affected millions of people who are viewing and listening to this extraordinary- and first of it's kind live web event.
I would like to say however, for all those doubting whether to come to Sacred Space for your help. Don' t DOUBT, and spend as long as you can there…..
My only regret is that I can't come back for a while.I would have been willing to have signed up for 'a maintenance' program an to re-visit you at least one week after every three months, to re-capture your essence, and teachings. Maybe something you can offer to others in the future? My nutrition and eating habits were easy to change. I Love the way it makes me feel.
The mental transition has been more difficult simply because your space is so conducive to peace, tranquility and personal growth, it is hard to find the kind of support you offer any where else. However, when tension mounts I think of you….I Breathe- into my belly and I relax and focus on being present…I then realize there are " No Problems"..other than of my own making and then I am able to be at peace,and to focus on what needs to happen.
Anusha, thank you for giving me "life Tools" that I will use forever and always be grateful to you for giving me the chance to find my space.
I hope to see you again,
Robin A- Ohio
Submittted April 14th 2008

Thank you for changing my life to everyone at Sacred Space-
I want to thank you all for the part you played in changing/saving my life. I had been struggling with chronic insomnia for 14 years and had been taking heavy medication day and night for a large portion of that time. I had tried everything, sleep labs, therapy, learning different techniques to try to help me sleep. I was even hospitalized at one point and received ECT (shock therapy) treatments, all to no avail. My doctors just kept prescribing different medications and treatments in hopes that something would help me get some sleep and get my life back. I wasn't able to finish school or have a job. The sleep deprivation I suffered also caused all kinds of health problems. I had also tried acupuncture and various other holistic oriented treatments as well. I tried to stay positive through it all and kept searching for a new way to approach my problem, that's when I came across your website. I was so tired (in every sense of the word) of being heavily medicated and not living the life I knew was somehow possible. Before the insomnia I was very active, energetic, spontaneous and just loved living life to it's fullest. I knew it had to be somehow possible to get that back. After speaking with you, I had a new sense of hope and couldn't wait to get there and start this life changing process. You provided me with the resources necessary to learn, heal and grow. Every person I met there had an impact on me, along with the environment, and I learned how to change my life. The food was absolutely incredible! I never knew all the stuff you could do with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds! It is no exaggeration when I say that the time I spent there has truly changed and saved my life! I am no longer just barely existing, I am LIVING and I am LOVING IT!!! Thank you again for all of your help and for the follow-up on my progress since leaving.
Submitted September 7, 2007
Alana: I knew when you called that you could have a better life then the one you had been given by following the suggestions of your doctors. I am glad you have been able to get your life back and I am proud that we have contribulted in our small way in that. You did the work and you deserve great praise for your courage and tenacity in accomplishing your goal..

Sacred Space Healing & Retreat Center saved my life and I am forever grateful.
At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. By the time I was 39, my digestive system was almost completely paralyzed from the toxic drugs I had been prescribed; and certainly the typical American diet I lived off of didn't help. I stopped using the toxic drugs and in August of 2006, weighing 80-pounds and only able to consume liquids, I searched for an alternative to the madness the so-called medical professionals were causing me. The specialists I was seen by had started to discuss feeding-tubes with me and the possibility of surgery. I realized how the doctors I trusted with my life were never solving my health problems, they were just doing quick fixes to cover up my pain. That's when I found Sacred Space and chose to try something different. In only three days I noticed a significant difference in my appetite and how my body was amazing! I had energy again. A year later, I returned to Sacred Space to get the support I needed to make the final transition to a completely healthy lifestyle. Staying at Sacred Space is like nothing you've ever experienced in the world of "health care." Anushasupports you with a healing plan that addresses not only your physical but your emotional needs from dealing with chronic pain and long-term illness. I can honestly say that Sacred Space Healing & Retreat Center saved my life and I am forever grateful.
Jd –Yuba City, CA
Submitted Oct 18th, 2007
Jd: I should have paid you to come here in stead of you paying us. You may be small in weight but your spirit is giant size. Your brightness practically blinded me at times. Some must lead while others follow. You, my dear friend must continue to lead yourself and others towards the health you deserve. I am forever grateful for meeting you and having you in the life of all of us here at Sacred Space. Peace and Love in all ways.

Before I came to Sacred Space I was unhealthy, unhappy and hooked on prescription pain medications
(Oxycotin) When I first woke up and decided to change my life I enrolled in a drug Rehab facility in San Francisco. One of the many problems with that was that they only claimed to detoxify my physical body. After being there I realized it was my mind and spirit that needed detoxing for me to be whole again. Although I am a professional chef, it doesn't take a professional chef to know that something was very wrong with the food we were served and the program in general. So I did some more research and discovered Sacred Space Healing and Retreat Center. After one month at Sacred Space eating the most delicious food, and living in paradise, I started to experience healing I didn't know was possible. At Sacred Space I was treated with dignity and respect and treated more like a God then someone who had problems, I knew then I had found the true, right path. What I gained from Sacred Space can't really be put into words. What I experienced has been truly life changing and will have a ripple effect and touch every being I come in contact with. Already other family members seeing my progress are making changes in their own lives as well. Through the various therapies, sauna, food, water therapy, massage, educational books, videos, and the continuous counseling from their very awakened staff, I got much more then I thought possible. Thank you so much for sharing this Sacred Space with me and showing me the way. Peace, Love and much Gratitude.
Adam . C., 26, Santa Fe, NM
August 23, 2007
Adam, what a pleasure to meet you and to work with you for the past month. You seemed to instantly know that this was what you were looking for. I guess having experienced another place in the city was helpful in helping you to see the difference in what is possible. I know that given your awakened state you will achieve your dreams that will support you and your family. Good luck and may the peace be with you.

It was sometime last week when I was able to see the miracle of my life. Today is the twentieth day of my stay at Anusha's Sacred Space Healing Center. Today is the twentieth day of healthy eating - real eating. Today is the twentieth day of not smoking cigarettes - after fourteen years of smoking everyday. Today is the 20th day of not smoking crystal meth, snorting cocaine, taking ecstasy pills, smoking marihuana, etc, etc. Today is the 20th day of my new life.
When I first came to Sacred Space I was hurting bad, physically, mentally and emotionally. I had little to no hope. Drugs had been my master for over six years. I had been to two recovery centers and to A. A and N.A. meetings. When I first came to Sacred Space I thought I had seen it all.

Today, I don't crave for drugs. I don't crave for cigarettes. Today I have a clear vision full of dreams and goals. Today I see the strength in me. I see my boundaries expanding far, far away from where I stand. Today I breathe joy. Today my old fears have become mere bumps on an endless road. My demons of old have become weak, fading memories. Today I sit as I write and realize that it has been me who saved my life. I am the one who has stood up and taken the first few steps into my new life. Sacred Space has provided the space, the tools and the guidance I had been lacking and needing all these years.

At Sacred Space, I have been eating and learning about the healthy foods, my body needs, and my body is loving it. The nutrition alone has had a big impact on my success thus far. I spend more time digesting good life and energy giving food now that I did before I feel lighter and more energetic.

I passed by Sacred Space Healing Center many times over the years, and at one time I even went in and received a tour by Jeanne and thought to myself, "this place is at a whole other level" - and I wasn't ready to experience life at a higher vibration. I continued living my life - or shall I say killing my life - with horrific imbalances. I had a diet based on sugar, coffee and ice cream with the occasional vegetable or fruit. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and used crystal meth as my life force. I knew I was going to stop this self-abuse at some point, and I knew that Sacred Space was the place to go.

About a month before I arrived at Sacred Space and saw a new flyer in the window referring to the Sauna Detox Retreat, I thought to myself "I could sure use that" but of course I continued on my way because I still wasn't ready. A week after that, I saw Anusha speak on public television at a San Francisco City Hall meeting and the topic was about crystal meth addiction. I wasn't able to listen him, because I wasn't ready to hear that I had a drug problem so I went into the other room to do drugs instead. A few weeks later I hit bottom, and I was on my knees like I never had been in my life. I began to lose all sight of any reality and lost all trust in others and especially myself. That's when I made the call to Sacred Space Healing Center. I met with Anusha and told him of my drug addictions, then I brought my family in to meet him. We all agreed that this was the best place for me to get on the road to LIVING. Why I chose Sacred Space Healing Center was because of the unique program and approach to detoxification.

The part of the program that impressed me the most was when Anusha told me that the focus was NOT going to be on our problems - instead we would focus on SOLUTIONS. What a relief that was for me to hear, and I discovered that he was true to his word. All aspects of the program are based on solutions, and to me are of equal importance and they are all necessary to get back to our true selves as God intended us to be. The time spent in the sauna allowed me to not only sweat out the toxins, it also provided time to look inward and do the necessary self-reflection I needed to assess where I had been and where I want to be heading — which I know now is about LIFE by taking care of the Body, Mind and Spirit. My body was cleansed by the use of supplements which were well-balanced and provided me the extra boost I needed to replenish my body with all that had been depleted of over the years. The vegan food was wonderful, and I learned how to eat less and feel full. I also lost 15 pounds. I learned that I had been using substances literally since the day I was born (I was bottle-fed with formula which has added sugar), and my body, mind and spirit weren't in harmony because it was weighed down with toxins. I started with sugar, added cigarettes and drugs at 13, introduced coffee at 20, and I am now 37.

Testimonial (male, 29, musician, San Francisco) submitted 4/27/07
I came upon Sacred Space looking for some info on internal cleansing and found his incredibly informative site that got me to pick up the phone right away. I did not know what I was getting myself into at the time. I was generally an unhealthy person with a very acidic internal environment. I thought this was par for the course. I was just looking for a "piece of mind cleanse", not a life changing experience, but life changing is the simplest way of summing up my experience.

Following our phone call, I met him at the beautiful retreat a couple hours north of the city on a creek in a hilly community around Anderson Springs.. I was given a live blood analysis that unveiled my very unhealthy state internally. Years of eating lots of meat, dairy, sugar, processed food, recreational drug use, alcohol abuse and exposure to environmental toxins told a story in my living blood; yeast over growths, uric acid crystals, deformed red blood cells, bacteria's, etc. I was ready for a change a returned two days later to the retreat for a month long term. I spent the month eating 100% raw alkaline foods, 3 hours of sauna day, visits to Harbin Hot Springs, educating myself with the library of healthy living books, being educated by Anusha and the wonderful insightful staff and meeting with the many different types of massage therapist and their unique soul cleansing methods.

I was your typical late 20's successful San Franciscan, living the good life, completely unaware of these resources and skeptical to anything associate with New Age culture. Let's just say that part of me, the stubborn fearful part, isn't around anymore. I feel like I now have a solid foundation of health in all senses of the word; mental, physical and spiritual. I am realizing that I could keep writing about this for a long time so I will say that I am now living in my new world with a hefty tool box that I use everyday with ease. Old negative patterns have been replaced with positive one's. People around me take notice at my vibrant health and I have inspired them. They can't believe that I lost 20 pounds in 30 days (which I consider a bonus to the program, a healthy body seeks it's ideal weight). I feel like a million bucks and in reality I will continue to cleanse for years as my body replaces all of it's cells and I can't imagine feeling better than this. Anusha is a good friend. He wants you to take control of your own life, to understand the tools he gives you, not rely on anyone or anything to take care of yourself (hence "self-help" program) He and his staff are dedicated, resourceful and loving people that are there to support your every need as you break through to the other side. I am just thrilled beyond words of how happy I am that I met this juncture in my life at my age.

When I came to Sacred Space, I was attempting to recover from a protracted illness. I had been to the hospital emergency room 3 times in 10 days. After massive doses of antibiotics and a 9 hour potassium drip and temperatures of 105 and 103 degrees, my nutritional state was nonexistent. I could barely walk, talk. Most recently, they had started me on high blood pressure medication adding to other medications that I was prescribed. I was very sick.
After taking care of family members, some in critical health, since 1966, I had a melt down and began looking for healing for me. I walked into Sacred Space, and knew it was a safe space to heal. It is so inviting, like living in a tree house with a stream that takes away all problems. The countryside is beautiful, unique and private.
The director Anusha is so clear and has so much, spirituality, inner peace, wisdom and knowledge, which he generously passes on, it's astounding. It takes your breath away. Or better yet he allows you to breathe.

Natasha, his partner, has a magical way with food and a genuine knowledge of nutrition and a multitude of other talents. She is very nurturing and you just know you are in good hands. The tremendous support by the entire staff is formidable. I felt like family. The healers thatAnusha brings in for you are 1st class, eloquent and so full of spirit and knowledge.
The experience has uplifted and transformed me. I no longer take high blood pressure medication. I meditate and because of the food my nutritional state has leaped levels. I feel younger every day. I am exercising, lifting weights and living an elevated level of life. So happy, So committed. The hardest part of this experience was getting there.

If you can just get there to Sacred Space, everything will fall in place.
October 2006