Sacred Space Retreats
Box 311
Cloverdale, California, 95425 , United States
800-914-6360 | 707-894-0673
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"To retreat is sometimes the better part of valor"

Sacred Space is a Holistic Health practice that supports your journey towards health and success in life. We are located in beautiful Cloverdale California about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. Sacred Space is our way of expressing our love for life, health and happiness. You were born with a right to perfect health. Often however we may have been given less then adequate support for accomplishing that. Give yourself the healing you deserve. Come to nature to bring yourself to your most relaxed and natural state. Here you will find yourself; amongst the birds, the trees, and the tranquil sound of our mountain stream. Only nature heals. Find the love and the peace that is within you. Give yourself the love, time and attention that only you can give yourself. Let the running thoughts of your mind and your fears subside and raise the awareness that is already within you. Here you will find the peace that surpasses the understanding of your mind. It is here in that infinite peace that we await you. We look forward to serving you. Yours in health, Anusha Amen-Ra Director

Residential Holistic Detox Retreats in Beautiful Cloverdale California!